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Maxwell’s Horse

I recently got asked to make a cake, for a 70th birthday, for a man with a love of books & horse riding. My previous experience was only making ‘cartoon’ type animals and I have become somewhat of a pro in this field. They possess a cute likeable feel to them, with bold chunky features and bright eyes. Perfect for a two year old, but for my mane man David?! No way! He needed something elegant, grown-up & detailed!

I knew instantly that I wanted to make a more realistic horse for such a joyous occasion. Initially I questioned my abilities, It was after all unknown territory, but then i thought – hold your horses, don’t be such a neighsayer! You can do this!


Davids Horse

The process involved hours of judging icing horses on pinterest (AMAZING, IMPRESSIVE-ISH, COULD BE BETTER, FAIL!!!). Once I had my filly of staring at other peoples handy work, I had a pretty good idea of exactly how I want the horse to look! Of course, then the easy part of actually making the thing (HA!) building up features with delicate details. Overall I was super chuffed with the finished product!

According to the birthday boy himself, the cake didn’t last furlong.

When thank you’s come from people who appreciate the work that has gone in to making their cake, it can really stirrup emotions! …okay enough horsing around. In all honestly I feel blessed to do what I love and get thanked for it!

“I would like to say a big thank you for the marvellous birthday cake that my partner ordered from you. Not only did it look wonderful, I loved the books and the horse and man sculptures, but it tasted delicious. I love rich fruit cake and make it myself with well liquored fruit, and your cake was eaten by everyone asking for more – I had to fight them off.
You clearly have the trick of making, neither the cake, nor the icing too sweet but the whole thing delectable. I hope you took a photo of a great artwork food.
Thanks again for my Birthday Cake”

You are more than welcome David!

I’ll leave you with this pro-tip :Keep cake moist by eating it all in one sitting!