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yummy cake on a stick!

Cake pops are a relatively new phenomenon. Traditionally they are cake crumbs mashed up with butter cream, formed into the shape of a ball and covered in a topping usually of ganache, popped on top of a stick they resemble a lolly pop. HOWEVER I have found this way of cake pops to be quite sickly and they are a bit more restrictive on the flavour of cake. I make a round ball cake that I put on a stick, this means I can use many different flavours and can be covered it in a wider choice of toppings.

Once again these are ideal for parties (especially kids parties) as they are small individual cakes meant for one. They can even be used as an interesting substitution for a wedding cake or other large cakes.

Once you have picked the flavour of the cake then you can decided how you want it decorated. With a huge variety of toppings ranging from different chocolate ganache to sugar icing topped glitter, sprinkles, more chocolate or in the shape of characters…the possibilities are endless!

Almost all flavours and toppings are available, if you have an idea in mind I will work to make it happen.

I can make cakepops GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE in most flavours.

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