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Dietary Requirements

GLUTEN FREE cake Shoreham-By-Sea. I also make DAIRY FREE, VEGAN and ORGANIC cakes.

Everyone should be able to have CAKE!

As a child I was allergic to artificial colourings and flavourings, it meant every party I went to I had to take my own food and drink. I quite often felt left out. As many of my family and friends now have different requirements, I truly believe that just because you have a dietary specification it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy tasty cakes with everyone else.

I specialise in GLUTEN FREE cakes. In my experience I have found that some of the gluten free cakes you can buy are quite heavy. The cakes I make are light and fluffy, most can not distinguish the difference between these and normal cakes!

I also make DAIRY FREE, VEGAN and ORGANIC cakes. Whatever your dietary requirement we will work together to make something really special.

Research funded by the FSA has suggested that consumption of mixes of certain artificial food colours and the preservative sodium benzoate could be linked to increased hyperactivity in some children.

I check all of my ingredients, especially the colours for icing to ensure that they do not contain these artificial colours by the recommendation of the FSA.

For food allergies and intolerances, please contact me regarding your requirements before ordering


Gluten Free

I have perfected gluten & wheat free recipes that are as light & fluffy as any cake used with wheat flour.

Dairy Free

Dairy free cakes are similar to regular cakes and do not require many changes, while still remaining delicious.


Vegan cakes can be just as delicious as any other cake & just as chocolatey when you have the right ingredients!


For anyone that would prefer all of the ingredients of their cake to be organic we offer this option.

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